Where to now???

After using self hosted WordPress for so long now I’ve decided I really don’t like the limitations of WP.com without having to pay lots for upgrades, I can self host cheaper. Therefore I’ve returned to self hosting but with a different Hosting Provider.

I opened a hosting account with a new URL as it was just quicker & easier to organise than transferring what I had from JustHost.  This will be my final move to another site as I purposely opted for a hosting plan with only 1 domain so there will be no temptation to add more sites to swap between. [You know what I’m like otherwise]

Once everyone knows where I am I will be deleting this site as well as shutting down my JustHost account for a refund which will mean the deletion also of Soar Like A Turkey.  I  decided to export/import SLAT comics & a few from here into the new site which will be a mostly random comic like SLAT & am giving up on Out The Bush as has been said before that I get too many varied ideas to stick with one particular theme of comic, then I get frustrated with it & wanna change again.

Also if you commented on some of the transferred Out The Bush comics something went wrong with the export/import from this site & the comments didn’t carry over. Sorry ’bout that.

If you were subscribed to email notifications for Out The Bush or Soar Like A Turkey you won’t need to resubscribe as that’s all taken care of through my MailChimp mailing list.

To visit my new site CLICK HERE & remember to grab my new RSS Feed